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GrepNinja's weblog is a somewhat ordered collection of thoughts and resources mostly related to software engineering. It simply tracks what GrepNinja finds technologically useful, interesting, or amusing at some given point in time. Warning: high techno-geek factor!
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:: Thursday, June 10, 2004 ::

Red Robin - Jython is an Eclipse plugin that "aims to provide most development facilities expected by a Jython developer."

:: grepninja 6/10/2004 11:03:53 AM [+] ::
Plone is an Open Source content management system (CMS) built using Zope and Python. Plone can be used as a portal server, a groupware tool, a document publishing system, and other things.

:: grepninja 6/10/2004 09:18:05 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 :: What's New in WSDL 2.0 [May. 20, 2004]

:: grepninja 6/09/2004 11:30:20 AM [+] ::
GrepNinjaLog is now reactivated! has implemented many changes and, as of today, I was able to republish my missing archives. It appears that the archive files from 2/28/2001 to 2/13/2003 have been restored and are now available. CSharpener's Weblog is still my main technical weblog but now that has restored the missing files, I will continue to post some information here. I have been able to implement a very convenient search capability on GrepNinjaLog, thanks to a free Atomz Express Search account provided by You can perform basic search using the [::..Atomz Standard Search..::] box in the top left area of the page. Power users can use the [::..Atomz Advanced Search..::] at the bottom of the page. These tools are useful for finding things in the archives.

:: grepninja 6/09/2004 08:39:09 AM [+] ::

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