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GrepNinja's weblog is a somewhat ordered collection of thoughts and resources mostly related to software engineering. It simply tracks what GrepNinja finds technologically useful, interesting, or amusing at some given point in time. Warning: high techno-geek factor!
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:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::

Sadly, I am closing GrepNinjaLog as of today. Why? Because the service has become crufty and blecherous. has apparently lost or trashed my archives from 2/28/2001 to the present and I have been unable to contact any human being at who will respond to, much less care about, the blogging tragedy they have caused for me. I have started a new technical weblog, CSharpener's Blog. You are welcome to follow my technical ramblings there!

:: grepninja 2/13/2003 09:38:21 AM [+] ::

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